• Shams The Producer

New YouTube Channel

Greetings to you, and I hope you are doing well in these uncertain times.

I'm here today to let you know that I have started a new YouTube channel!

Yes, I Shams The Producer will now be giving you content on a new YouTube channel,

the name on this channel is "Shams The Producer's Talk Show", and as the name suggests,

we will be presenting content which is more on the informative side (Interviews, vlogs, talk shows, BTS...etc.)

My original YouTube channel, "Shams The Producer" will remain strictly as a

means for you, fans, friends and family, to consume (stream) muisic videos and audio,

as YouTube still remains one of the most popular mediums for streaming music.

Click HERE to check out a video on the new channel.

As this is a new channel, I encourage you to share with others, if you find value in the content presented. And please remember to like, comment, and subscribe.

I am truly grateful for your continued support, and you can feel free to contact me via DM or

email if you have questions or need advice regarding your musical journey.

One Love.

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